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Determining If It Is Better To Feed Raw Dog Food Can Be Confusing

by Henry Sizer (2022-07-02)

There are numerous conflicting opinions on whether it is appropriate to feed dogs dog food that is raw. Some argue that it's closest to their original diet, so it has to be the most appropriate for them. Some people believe that processed food provides all the necessary nutrients needed to provide a complete healthy and balanced diet. The official verdict is still out However, at the end of the day we have the option as the caregivers of our pets to feed them the food we believe is the best.

Processed foods are created through the combination of meat, vegetables and other ingredients. The ingredients are cooked and then dried to make pellets, or canned. They are then adjusted to meet the requirements of breed and age. Recent developments have revealed that products containing toxins were put in canned foodproducts, causing renal failure in some animals. The investigation found the wheat gluten was contaminated with melamine, a poisonous substance. The matter has been rectified and the contaminated items are removed from the shelves but there are some who are concerned about its safety.

The diet of the raw is, generally speaking, determined by what wolves prefer to consume. When their diets were examined and analyzed, it was discovered that there was no fish, animal or bugs, and a few species that they wouldn't consume. The only animal with four legs they did not want were toads.

Certain people who favor serving cooked meat claim that it is a source of deadly pathogens, and that the handling and feeding of raw meat can be risky. Certain studies show that the product sold at pet stores is actually safer than the raw meat in grocery stores.

The rules governing meat that is cooked differs between what is to be eaten raw and products that are bought raw, but made with the intention of having it be cooked. The same rules apply to feed for dogs. Human flesh, although suitable to be consumed is not appropriate for raw diets of dogs.

There are different types of raw diets and each type has a following. Two main choices are whole prey diets which means that the entire animal is fed to the dog. The other option is a combination comprising raw and cooked vegetables, with added supplements. Certain owners opt to rear their own feed animals in order to ensure their dogs are getting healthy feed.

Regardless of the type you choose be sure to introduce it slowly so your dog has the time to adjust to the different diet. Switching to any type of diet in a hurry can cause upset stomach or diarrhea. Your pet will become used to the new food regimen over time. It's best to offer different types of animal meat, as dogs can become bored. But introduce the different meats slowlyso that the digestion system can catch up. Certain dogs are fed raw and kibble, with no adverse side effects.

Like always, the final decision lies in your hands. You are the one responsible for the wellbeing and health of your pet. Regardless of your final choice of raw or processed pet food, your dog will love you and will think that what you pour into the bowl is the best thing that can happen to them.

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