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Как вывести определенные данные из Phyton Binance Futures API; Хабр Q&A

by Everette Chiles (2022-02-26)

There have been reports of hackers getting access to the KYC information of cryptocurrency users by taking advantage of loopholes on the software of exchanges. Binance is one of the few exchanges with a secure and dedicated system for KYC data collection and management.

Let’s take an example to quickly understand. If you leverage x5 and buy 500 USDT of Bitcoin , you are actually only using 500/5 = 100 USDT from your wallet . On your 100 USDT in your portfolio, this represents a change of 10% , binance futures up or down. A variation of 2% will therefore be a variation of 2% on 500 USDT, ie a variation of 10 USDT.

Click [Get Verified] to begin the verification process. Note that the identity verification documents required differ depending on your nationality. So, after choosing your nationality, upload your required ID documents, which may include a government-issued ID, legal name, home address, photo ID, postal code, and/or other required details.

settings = dict( symbol='LTCUSDT', # Пара для отслеживания strategy="Long", # Стратегия - Long (повышение), Short (понижение) stop_loss_perc = 0.1, # % оставания от цены stop_loss_fixed = 0, # Изначальный stop-loss, можно установить руками нужную сумму, потом бот подтянет. # Можно указать 0, тогда бот высчитает, возьмет текущую цену и применит к ней процент amount = 0.26, binance # Кол-во монет, которое планируем продать (в случае Long) или купить (в случае Short) # Если указываем Long, то альты для продажи (Например, продать 0.1 ETH в паре ETHBTC) #amount = 11 # Если Short, то кол-во, на которое покупать, например купить на 0.1 BTC по паре ETHBTC startrate = 0 # Нефиг продавать себе в убыток )

Let’s take an example. You bought 100 USDT of Bitcoin with x20 leverage and 100 USDT of Ethereum with x20 leverage as well. So you have the equivalent of 2000 USDT of BTC and 2000 USDT of ETH in position.

The report further noted that the crypto derivatives exchange Deribit has cemented its position as the dominant marketplace for bitcoin options through 2021. Since the beginning of the year, the exchange’s share of open interest in the bitcoin options market has grown from 82% to more than 90% as of the end of December, the report said.

Activity in the market for bitcoin futures trading has undoubtedly been dominated by Binance over the past year, Arcane Research wrote in a new report. The exchange, which originally started as a spot-only exchange, was the largest bitcoin futures exchange by open interest for 308 days out of the 360 days covered, the report said, while also showing that the trend in market share has been up for Binance throughout the year.

They decrease the more you trade: starting at 250 BTC of trading volume per month and owning at least 50 BNB, as you can see below. Also, if you have BNB to pay the fees, they drop another 10% . The fees are 0.04% for market orders and 0.02% for limit orders .

After consistent growth in its market share throughout 2021, FTX’s market share of bitcoin futures trading has in December been almost identical with the more institutionally dominated Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), with both exchanges seeing from 15% to 20% of the overall open interest.

But while the popular exchange is gaining market share from some competitors, others are putting up a fight. Most notable among these is FTX, which has seen its share of open interest in the bitcoin futures market grow throughout the past year.

Select " SELL / SHORT " if you want to enter a short position , ie if you think the price will drop . Select " BUY / LONG " if you want to enter a long position , ie if you think the price will go up .

The maximum leverage allowed by Binance Futures is x125. Therefore, a drop of 0.8% will make you lose your entire position! It is in order not to be liquidated too quickly that you must be very careful with leverage .

For binance futures 2022, Arcane predicted that this will be a year when derivatives trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXes) goes more mainstream, and attracts futures traders at the expense of the traditional centralized exchanges like Binance and bitcoin FTX.

Henceforth, major exchanges prefer to remain anti-money laundering (AML) compliant. Without KYC verification, a cryptocurrency exchange may be held liable when a user gets away with committing a crime because they failed to do due diligence.

"Option flows have become an increasingly critical signal from the market," the report said, adding that some indicators from the options market are now widely used to assess the overall state of the bitcoin market.