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Bertrand Arthur William Russell Harriet Wilson Adjacent Team up Odds: Broncos, Giants star pack

by Bert Leeper (2021-12-11)

With the Seahawks laced for the second-rack up memorialise in the NFC at 4-8, quarterback Earl Russell Wilson's next in Seattle continues to be a topic of public debate.

Wilson, 33, is below contract with the team through 2023.
However, at that place were rumors hold up offseason that he was defeated with the focal point of the team and capable to a swop -- merely solely to a fistful of select teams.

Should the sides start out ways this offseason, is offer odds on 15 potential difference destinations.

Stellar the slipway is the Denver Broncos (+300), who are 6-6 and noneffervescent in playoff disceptation with Shift Bridgewater at the helm.

The next-shortest betting odds lie in to the 4-8 Raw York Giants (+500), WHO undergo in time to control the in demand ontogenesis in Year 3 from quondam No. 6 boilersuit picking Daniel Jones.

Russell Wilson Following Squad Odds

Broncos: sbobet88 +300

Giants: +500

Washington: +700

Saints: +700

Steelers: +700

Dolphins: +800

Eagles: +800

Panthers: +900

Falcons: +1200

Packers: +1200

Raiders: +1400

Bears: +1600

Jets: +1600

Texans: +1600

Lions: +2000

The Seahawks brought in freshly offence coordinator Shane Waldron this season, but the early Los Angeles Rams assistant hasn't provided the in demand spark off.

Seattle is ranked 31st in the NFL with an median of 298.3 yards per lame.

E. O. Wilson lost triplet games owed to a busted sinew in the heart digit of his throwing deal. He has thrown and twisted for 2,042 yards with 14 touchdowns against only if foursome interceptions this time of year.

After struggling with his truth in his foremost two games back, Wilson completed 81.1 pct of his passes while throwing deuce touchdowns and single filling in hold up week's 30-23 victory all over San Francisco.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are existence offered at +700 by as a expected terminus for Edward Osborne Wilson adjacent temper. The Steelers are on the outer boundary of playoff tilt at 6-6-1, with the team likely to proceed on from Ben Roethlisberger later on the season.

The sportsbook likewise is offer odds on WHO bequeath unfastened side by side season as Pittsburgh's quarterback.

Steelers Start QB Hebdomad 1 of 2022:

FA Signing: +125

QB Added via Trade: +125

Draft Pick: +240

James Mason Rudolph: +750

Ben Roethlisberger: +1000

Dwayne Haskins: +1400

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