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Bet9ja Stats - Do We Have A Gambling Problem In 9ja?

by Adolfo Haszler (2021-10-25)

Bet9ja .com climbed up the ranks steadily and consistently until 5 months ago, they became Nigeria’s number 3 most visted website right after Google and Youtube (Yes! even ahead of Facebook), we understood the trend, in a country of "aspirers" like Nigeria that was in a recession, guys needed to "hammer" fast and gambling offered HOPE.. What initially drove it was (amongst others) this story about a 17 year old boy winning N43,000, 000 (43 million Naira) on the Bet9ja platform that was released on blogs and nairaland on the 20th of March, 2017.

We can’t confirm yet if it is a true story or not, but soon as it broke on the internet in the thick of recession, the traffic to the Bet9ja site went haywire, driving them to the top.

We anticipated that the traffic would abate and they would drop to at least number 13/14 when football season was over or on break but it has not abated, they are currently ranking at number 6 most visited site now!! Thus, we figured it was time to find out what was doing right. With a total visit of 6.18 million and an average time of 20 minutes spent on the site. The bulk of the visitors are from the base country Nigeria with 79.32%, but 10% of people who visit the site do so from the United States, 3% from Kenya, 1.46% from United Kingdom.

We compared the Bet9ja site with Nairabet site (another top sports betting website in Nigeria) and this was the result was ranking at number 28. while Bet9ja was ranking at number 6

Bet9ja has a total visit of 6.18million with visitors spending an average time of 20minutes, Nairabet had only 1.61 million visitors, and yet the average visit time was 5 minutes, people stayed longer and played more on bet9ja,

Also Nairabet has 60% bounce rates, meaning they are losing 60% of their visitors, people visit the site and immediately leave! when asked, 8 out of 10 people said they preferred the Bet9ja interface to the Nairabet interface - UI/UX matters guys. fix up Nairabet - (some web UI guy should quickly send a quote - you are welcome.)

We decided to check out Bet9ja’s traffic source, how where they getting all this traffic, we already had an idea, because we found Bet9ja had an amazing Influencer chatter plan, they were not on the expensive blogs, just the below the lines, high traffic blogs and forums, posting stories of testimonies, talking about winners and how "you too can be a winner" and that was creating crazy engagement, people would sooner believe "their friend" on a nairaland forum than a Linda Ikeji.

And we were right, look at that beauty! 47% of Bet9ja’s traffic came directly, people entered on the URL bar, 37% of their traffic was from referral, influencer & other sites, being number one, Search was 5%, Social Media only 2.4%, they were not even spending so much on Display advertising- 4%, they had their referral and Influencer marketing on lockdown! Ingenious!

We decided to compare with what Nairabet was doing? Nairabet is spending way too much on Display Advertising. They need to improve their SEO and work better with referral sites.

We were curious about what people were searching for, so we checked top keywords- Funny, they were looking for Bet9ja, some searched 9ja bet (take a hint Nairabet).

And the Social Media, low traffic driver but Social was pulling over 140, 000 visitors, so what social networking sites were driving this bet9ja frenzy? But of course, Facebook will be number one, Youtube though? Hmm. Whatsapp? Nice, broadcast messages or watsapp groups? I wish we could find out.

For the display advertising - They use popular websites such as mp3goo and fzmovies to Pop-up ads which opens a new browser window hidden under the active window.

Let’s Check out the Demographics of their site visitors: More Males than females, of course, LOL. More Secondary school graduates than University graduates, is this a trend?

These visitors that came on the Bet9ja website what were their interests? what other information did they google or search? The interest of the audience can be seen to be related to sports with football as the main focus. So basically people who gamble constantly followed the sports and football games.

Finally, we ran a google trend comparison with other sports betting website to find out how they compared search wise with other betting sites. Over the last 90days. Look at that Industry domination, driven majorly by influencer marketing. awesome.

Bet9ja will keep dominating that industry for a while as it seems to have its influencer/ referral marketing on lockdown, driving very little traffic from social networking sites, same social networks other betting companies are focusing a huge part of their strategy on. Interesting?

Someone needs to tell Nairabet or Merrybet to call us for Strategy.

So what do you guys think about this? Do we have a gambling epidemic? 6.18 million web visitors though??! What would a non-betting company need to do to replicate this success?