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How To Withdraw Money From Sportybet Account

by Gennie Lawrenson (2021-10-25)

Are you a Sportybet Customer in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, or Kenya and you have been having challenges about Sportybet Withdrawal?

Let us get started by telling you that it is quite easy to withdraw on the betting site, the main challenge most people face is when their names in the bank do not tally with the ones on their Sportybet Account This error could lead to getting paid by Sportybet. This can however be corrected by writing to the customer care and also provide your Government valid ID card for verification purposes.

Sportybet remains one of the best bookmakers in Nigeria - which could be due to the bonuses offered and the rare chance of getting your money within 30 minutes after a withdrawal request. Not many betting companies offer such.

SPORTYBET WITHDRAWAL PROCESS IN NIGERIACustomers from Nigeria will be able to withdraw their winnings up to a maximum limit of NGN 9,999,999 per transaction on Sportybet. The minimum withdrawal limit per transaction is N1000.

All withdrawals made on Sportybet are free of charges. You will be able to withdraw to your account balance or send it to a friend when you play online. However, this article is meant to show how you can withdraw from your Spotybet online.

If you play in any Sportybet Shop, the cashier or agent will pay you when you win your bets. Your winnings can be paid in Cash or sent to your bank account depending on the arrangement you made with the bank.

Most successful withdrawals are within 30 minutes but at times, it may take up to 24 hours. When a withdrawal is yet to be fully processed, it will show "Pending" which means that the withdraw is still been processed and this could take 3 days. If you have any issue, contact the customer rep.

The following bank cards and bank accounts can be used on Sportybet for withdrawal:1. Guaranty Trust Bank
2. Heritage Bank
3. Keystone Bank
4. Standard Chartered Bank
5. Sterling Bank
6. Union Bank of Nigeria
7. United Bank For Africa
8. MainStreet Bank
9. Polaris Bank
10. Stanbic IBTC Bank
11. Unity Bank
12. Wema Bank
13. Zenith Bank
14. Jaiz Bank
15. Suntrust Bank
16. Providus Bank
17. Access Bank
18. Citibank Nigeria
19. Diamond Bank
20. First Bank of Nigeria
21. First City Monument Bank
22. Parallex Bank
24. Ecobank Nigeria
25. Enterprise Bank
26. Fidelity Bank

HOW TO WITHDRAW MONEY IN NIGERIA- To withdraw your winnings from Sportybet, simply login to your account on
- Click on "My Account".
- Click on "Withdraw".
- Select the bank you wish to withdraw to.
- Enter your account number.
- Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
- Click on "Withdraw"

If it is your first time using your bank account number on Sportybet Nigeria, you will need to confirm it using the verification code. The verification code can be set by going to Account > username (mobile number) > withdrawal pin. The code has to be a 4 digit number.

SPORTYBET WITHDRAWAL PROCESS IN GHANAIf you live in Ghana, you will also be able to withdraw your winnings but understand that the minimum withdrawal amount per transaction is GHS 1.00 and the maximum withdrawal per transaction is GHS 10,000.00.

Withdrawals with an amount less than GHS 2,000.00 per transaction will be processed instantly. If it is not processed immediately, you will need to contact Sportybet Customer Care. All withdrawals are free of charge.

HOW TO WITHDRAW MONEY IN GHANA- To withdraw your winnings on Sportybet Ghana, login to your dashboard via
- Click on "My Account".
- Click on "Withdraw".
- Choose the operator or mobile money you wish to withdraw to. The available lists are MTN Mobile Money, Tigo, Vodafone Cash, and Airtel.
- Enter the full names of the mobile phone number’s owner.
- Enter the amount you wish to withdraw to your mobile money.
- Check if all information is correct.
- Click "Withdraw".

SPORTYBET WITHDRAWAL PROCESS IN KENYAFor Sportybet customers in Kenya, the company has provided you an easy way to withdraw your winnings from your Sportybet Wallet.

The minimum withdrawal amount per transaction is KES 10.00 and the maximum withdrawal amount per transaction is KES 70,000. It will attract a service charge of KES 16 if the withdrawal amount is less than KES 500.00. That is, withdrawal requests over KES 500 have no carrier fee.

Withdrawals on Sportybet Kenya are usually processed instantaneously. Under certain circumstances, it may take 24 hours. If the transaction still does not reflect in 24 hours, you should contact Sportybet’s helpline or their official links.

HOW TO WITHDRAW MONEY VIA SMS IN KENYA- To withdraw your winnings from SportyBET Ghana, send as SMS "withdraw#[amount]"#[PIN code]" to this number 29123. For example, compose "withdraw#5000#1234" and send it to 29123.
- Once the withdrawal is successful, a confirmation message from M-Pesa will be received.

SPORTYBET WITHDRAWAL PROCESS IN ZAMBIAYou are probably asking about the withdrawal process in Zambia? When withdrawing your winnings from Sportybet, you pay nothing for the service. However, customers should understand that The minimum withdrawal limit per transaction is ZMW 2 and the maximum limit per transaction is ZMW 4,000. All withdrawals are free of charge.

After making your withdrawal request in Zambia, this could take 24 hours for the amount to arrive in your account. In most cases, this could take a few hours. When a transaction shows, "Pending", it means the transaction is currently been attended to and may take up to 72 hours.

HOW TO WITHDRAW MONEY ON SPORTYBET ZAMBIA- To withdraw your money from your account, go to and login with your details.
- Click on " My Account"
- Tap "Withdraw".
- Select the mobile operator (MTN and Airtel) you wish to withdraw to.
- Enter the withdrawal amount into the space provided.
- Always endeavour to check if the information you provided is correct before moving to the next phase.
- Click on "Withdraw" to complete the transaction.