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by Kina Holub (2021-10-23)

They get the highest scores in the customer service- and odds selection category (four stars in both), but they don’t offer welcome bonus to new customers.

If you like to bet on football, NairaBET does offer some great value though. In the odds selection analysis we found that NairaBET’s football odds was among the very best of all the bookmakers (see section).

Live Odds In this category we check how many live football odds the bookmaker offers as well as how many other sporting events you can live bet on. We test all the bookmakers at the same time in this category in order to give you the most accurate and fair evaluation.

NairaBET offered live odds on 51 different football matches during our latest test. This was among the lowest of all the bookmakers we tested. Most bookmakers offered live odds on approximately 90 different football matches and the best bookmaker (Bet365) had 115 football matches in their live odds selection.

NairaBET did a little better in the live odds test of other sporting events. They offered live odds on 49 other sporting events. A little below average but better than some of the global bookmakers we tested.

Overall, NairaBET did not show an impressive selection of live odds. They would have to seriously increase their amount of live football odds in order to get more than two stars in this category.

Promotions NairaBET offers a range of different promotions on their sports betting platform. In this section we go through all of them, evaluate their pros and cons, and give our verdict on how these features compare to what other bookmakers in Nigeria are offering.

Goalless Draw: This feature applies to accumulator 1X2-bets on Premier League matches. Matches that end 0-0 will be treated as voids and you will still be able to win money if your other bets are correct.

Let’s take an example. You make a bet slip with four home teams to win in the Premier League this weekend. One of the games ends 0-0 but your other three home teams win. You will receive your accumulated winnings from the three matches you chose correctly.

One Game Cut: This feature rewards you when you make a bet slip of 10 bets or more and only miss one single bet. In order to qualify for the promotion, all bets on your bet slip must have a minimum odds of 1.2.

Golden Race: A selection of virtual events you can bet on. We don’t value virtual games in our reviews because they have nothing to do with sports betting. They are pure casino games and should always be treated as such.

We do however have a problem with how NairaBET runs their speedway- and motorbike events on this Golden Race page. They use recorded videos but call them live events.

This is highly problematic in our opinion. It is very easy to believe you are betting on real live events, when in fact you are betting on random videos.

Why this confusion?

We believe NairaBET is misleading its clients and we are therefore forced to deduct a star from them in this category.

Overall Verdict: NairaBET would have to do a lot of things in order to get a better score in this category. First of all, they would have to stop using recorded videos masked as live events. They would also need to add more features of real value.

The feature we value highest of all is the early cash out, that gives bettors the chance to cash your winnings before an event has ended. This is standard among the best bookmakers.

Other features include accumulator boosts, jackpots and loyalty points and much more. Implementing these types of promotions would give NairaBET a higher rating in this category.

Odds Selection In this category we measure two things: how many different sports you can bet on, and the amount of countries where the bookmaker offers football odds (national leagues and cups).

You can bet on 26 different sports on NairaBET: football, tennis, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, handball, floorball, golf, volleyball, rugby, australian football, bandy, american football, snooker, table tennis, cricket, darts, biathlon, waterpolo, ski jumping, futsal, bowls, boxing, MMA, alpine skiing and esports.

This is an average odds selection in comparison to other bookmakers on the Nigerian sports betting market.

NairaBET offered football odds in 56 different countries during our latest test. This was among the very best of all the bookmakers we tested. Only Bet365 and Betfair were better with 57 different countries.

Overall, NairaBET presents a great selection of odds. We value football odds highly as this is the most important sport in Nigeria. As such, we have awarded NairaBET four stars in this category.

In order to get the perfect five stars they would have to increase their amount of other sports in their odds selection.

Welcome Bonus NairaBET does not offer any welcome bonus to its new customers at the moment.
Because of that, they will receive 0 stars in this category.

We will update this section in the future if NairaBET chooses to include a welcome bonus in their promotions.

Mobile Experience NairaBET offers a mobile optimized website for smartphones. We like the fact that their website automatically detects and redirects you when you are using your smartphone. Although this should be standard practice in [current-year] we have encountered several bookmakers in Nigeria without this crucial feature.

The first impression of NairaBET’s mobile website is not the best though. The frontpage takes a long time to load (see next section) and the first two types of content you are being presented with is a large search button and a rotating banner which is scaled but not optimized. They don’t serve much purpose in our opinion.

The search button results are severely lacking. It doesn’t recognize any sports or league names. And a rotating banner with customer service information should not be your first option of interaction on a sports betting site. It should be upcoming events or football odds.

What we do like about the NairaBET mobile website are the sports- and live betting sections. Both have big menus, they are very easy to navigate, and the loading times are fast although we did experience some lagging at times.

A nice addition to the sports- and live betting section would be shortcut menus when you are viewing particular games. This feature is particularly great when live betting as it reduces loading times.

Overall, NairaBET presents an acceptable smartphone user experience. The most important pages (sports and live betting) are working well but there are other pages, like for example FAQ, that do not work at all. This is unacceptable.

In order for NairaBET to get a higher score in this category they would have to improve their frontpage by reducing loading times and removing the top content that serves no purpose. They would also have to fix the pages that do not work on smartphones.

Customer Service NairaBET’s customer service is open 24/7. They offer three customer service options:
- Telephone: 070 0624 72238
- Email:
- Social Media: Facebook & Twitter

We like the fact that NairaBET’s customer service is open 24/7, but we are missing a live chat function in order to give NairaBet five stars in this category. A WhatsApp contact option would also be a nice addition.

General Information About NairaBETNairaBET is a Nigerian bookmaker licensed to operate in Nigeria by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. NairaBET is also a member of the Association of Nigerian Bookmakers.