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Ex-special forces soldiers stage SAS-style raid to evict squatters

by Caitlyn Mowry (2022-09-04)

This is the moment security turned SAS and abseiled off the roof of a posh Grade II London home - to help evict squatters.

The team of ex-special forces veterans dramatically roped down the front of the stunning 5,521sqft property at 4.30am, located on Bloomsbury Square.

They were needed to block the windows to stop squatters jumping out as bailiffs stormed inside through the front door of the Victorian-era home.

Squatters had found themselves a home in the stylish, period building - which has gorgeous rooms in the basement, ground and two upper floors, with a grand staircase running through the centre.

The abseiling team called in for today's early morning job were from 'Specialist Group International'.

Made up of former special forces, fire, police and military veterans, SGI is contracted by the police to recover evidence in impossible situations and Book evict protestors safely.

The group roped down the front of the building in a bid to safely and respectfully removed the people - who had been squatting in the posh Victorian-era London building on Bloomsbury Square

The team of ex-special forces veterans roped down the front of the stunning property so that the squatters didn't try and jump from the windows

The group were kitted out to do the raid in the early hours of the morning for bailiffs Veritas

Squatters had 'trashed' the posh London pad, according to Peter Faulding, who was part of the operation this morning

Bailiffs stormed into the Bloomsbury building and evicted the illegal squatters in the dramatic scenes

Kitted out with £3million worth of equipment, two dogs, vans, and even a helicopter, the group have previously removed protestors from oil rigs and even underground.

Hired out by bailiffs Veritas, the SGI executed an early morning raid on the squatters by descending down on zip-lines from the roof.

SGI group Leader Peter Faulding, 59, known as the 'human mole' for his ability to crawl through any space and get anywhere, said the operation had gone 'safely'.

Peter, a former Parachute Regiment veteran from Sussex, said that his group's operations were always aimed at safely and respectfully removing people.

After the removal, he said that the house had been 'trashed' by the squatters in the building.

The father of three explained: 'We've always built a good relationship with protestors, in all the incidents we've dealt with we've never had an accident or aggression.

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