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by Vicente Mocatta (2022-08-29)

wassup my peeps, yes u read right, bitcoin to the moon they say well that may just be the case here. BTC is currently rebounding off the weekly support, also on the daily chart above we can also see price is holding above the 200 moving average and also we saw a pinbar candle close to a major binary options support level. With these confluences and price action signals i will.
I can see the Xrp bullish price action and on daily time frame xrp was on uptrend until the China bitcoin crash. I show you that xrp's fib retracement point and also possible target 1.80 Also on fundemental side Ripple has good news. Let s watch and see the action .
The analysis includes multiple methods of technical analysis to produce a map. The labels for the chart and what the chart says are on the chart itself, more information about how to create a chart like this will come with updates to this idea. A quick rundown of what I do use are: Trend Line to extend from two lowest structure closes. Horizontal Ray tool.
Possible 1-3-5 with growth cycles mapped in grey horizontal lines with prices on the line. Rounding bottom pattern forming the swing low, confirmation based on whether the bullish volume is correct and price moves higher, confirming the rounding bottom as the actual bottom. Risk is that TRON just stops acting sending the perceived value to zero.
This post isn't about entry points. This post for everyone who asks me: "Yuriy, what do u think about BNB price for 6 months?" ( the same questions for a lot of altcoins.) Friends, nobody knows it. 1) Now the price is in a big range. 2) Now I trade only local patterns inside a range and recommend you to do the same. 3) We must keep in mind at least 3 scenarios.
Looking for a EUR USD 3 to 5 minute binary call option. Looing for a reversal in price around the 1.1720 area. Don't take unless it hits zone on chart. Look for impulse into zone, and Binary option reversal around 12 AM EST.
Looking for a 5 min sell on EJ in the 129.835 area. If it does not hit zone don't take.
Using our indicator (Binary Option Turbo M1 by Mercalona), today we unfortunately had a loss. But it's ok, we are within our management and Binary option we still had a 0.27% profit. Try our script for free. (Binary Option Turbo M1 by Mercalona) Please, feedback us.
Using Binary Option Script: Binary-Option-Turbo-M1-by-Mercalona.
Hello, binary options I am developing a binary option indicator. It`s based on support and binary options resistance, show signals with high assertiveness.
For the past week during the London into New York overlap price has been dipping down for a daily entry finding your close at or just after the close of the New York session. I marked the entries and exits with a red rectangle on each day this pattern has been currently appearing.
Hi All Please find the LT analysis for intraday on 22nd Jun 2020.
Alot of money has been made this week so far. GBP/USD showed us a strong bullish candle for the previous hour giving us signs of a Sell opportunity for the next hour. Our plan was to go short and set and forget until expiration time of 8:00am ET. We won and that's all we have been doing all week is win win win!
EURUSD short term for the given time frame closed above our strike granting us our fifth win for the day win NO losses.
E/U did exactly what we were expecting. Bulls were taking this short term trade way above our strike at 1.1082. When we trade binary options we execute to the highest advantage. On this trade we saw strong support along with key indications in result making this opportunity a profitable one ending the morning with 4 wins 0 lost. Now lets see what this.
Nice set up trading AUD/USD. All indicators and analysis was telling us to go long so we did and by doing so we captured our 3rd consecutive win this morning trading Binary Options.