philosophy and childhood: theory and practice: presentation

silvia demozzi, luca zanetti


A concern with children doing philosophy is inseparable from a preoccupation with childhood and asks for a redefinition of childhood itself. This exploration is at least one fundamental dimension of the group of philosophers and educators who presented their work and experience at the Conference “Philosophy and Childhood: Theory and Practice. A Conference on the Pedagogical and Philosophical Foundations of Philosophical Practices with Children” that took place at Bologna University, from December 3 to 5, 2018. This present dossier was born from the need to foster and deepen the theoretical and practical value of the philosophy for children (P4C) movement, which includes the more classical philosophy for children program and many other forms inspired by it. We could affirm that for these educators and philosophers it is at least as important to bring children to philosophy as it is to bring philosophical thinking to children and childhood.


childhood; philosophy for children; theory; practice

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