the student and the fugitive teacher... a necessary encounter

lisete bampi, miriam telichevesky


Encounter is the keyword or, perhaps, its strange intention: the impossibility of expressing an experience that certain classification modes, or traditions, hinder us from seeing. It is the experience that resists the accomplished and begins a recognition process which gives way to the expression of its voids. How to create the trail that seizes the singularities that constitute it? We are confronted with the expression of a being in potency: each time one tries to apprehend it, it allows itself to be bonded again by that something which it had nothing in common with, thrusting us into creation. It expresses the necessity of comprehending the ways by which unspeakable thoughts were revealed, allowing the apprehension of how they are generated in our experience. Departing from the educational plane, their procedures direct themselves to the outside, towards other planes which transcend the human, passing through planes of interior experience; they gather timeless traces of our experience and group them in a way such that they explain themselves by few respectable measures, entangling themselves in the expression. Given the singular evolution of the disclosure that comes with the necessity of expression, we could only understand later: what seemed a lack of sense was actually the sense. It is complex to describe what happened to us. But it was precisely in the frustration of trying to capture learning that we could actually comprehend it in some way, although we did not initially know how to translate such comprehension into words: unspeakable thoughts were born. I always have the feeling that their creation is threatened each time we try to frame them in an explanation. A certain discomfort emerges from such threats. Nevertheless every explanation exists within them and depends on them in a way that cannot be conceived without them, provided that it happens afterwards. The instant that the necessity to give way to knowing emerges, it constitutes itself in a concrete objective. Here we lay down words inspired in ill-succeeded experiences and subsequent encounters.


encounter; experience; creation; thought; expression


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