implanting philosophy for children in the classroom: an exploratory study in teacher formation

mathieu gagnon, nicole tremblay, catherine dumoulin, pier-charles boily, étienne bouchard


Schools located in underpriviledged areas have to deal with different factors, like the dropout rate among students and teachers; the culture of action, the culture of oral and a «carpe diem» culture; the low literacy rates; the type of children's knowledges — sometimes different from those promoted at school — and the learning difficulties of pupils... In light of these factors, few states have decided to adopt measures to support pupils and teachers in these communities. In this sense, several studies examine the potential role of philosophy for children (P4C), but none examines, in this kind of environment, the integration of P4C in the context of a teaching field experience program. Insofar several novice teachers start their career in these environments, it could be helpful to enrich our comprenhension on this subject. This paper presents results from an exploratory study on this issue, which led to raise questions about the bachelor of education program, at least in our university.


Philosophie pour enfants; formation initiale à l’enseignement


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