• Ricardo Melo e Silva Accioly UERJ/PETROBRAS



DOI: 10.12957/cadest.2016.27711

Cost estimating relationships (CERs) are very important tools in the planning phases of an upstream project. CERs are, in general, multiple regression models developed to estimate the cost of a particular item or scope of a project. They are based in historical data that should pass through a normalization process before fitting a model. In the early phases they are the primary tool for cost estimating. In later phases they are usually used as an estimation validation tool and sometimes for benchmarking purposes. As in any other modeling methodology there are number of important steps to build a model. In this paper the process of building a CER to estimate drilling cost of onshore wells will be addressed.

Keywords: Cost Estimating Relationships. Onshore wells. Upstream projects.


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Accioly, R. M. e S. (2017). COST ESTIMATING RELATIONSHIPS IN ONSHORE DRILLING PROJECTS. Cadernos Do IME - Série Estatística, 40, 34.



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