The fictional uncommon encompasses varied manifestations of wonderful, Gothic, fantastic, terrifying discourses, of science fiction, of textual expressions in which the possible worlds cheat with the referential reality. Literature, theater, cinema, television, HQ, video games, several cyber productions broadcast by different channels, whose semi-narrative macrostructure erases, fissures, fractures the referents accessed in the everyday world in composing images, are found under the vast denomination of the fictional unusual. The history of art points to aesthetic changes that are typical of the turning of the centuries, implying either the strengthening of trends that were emerging or the rise of new trends. The manifestations of fictional unusual have never been immune to these moments, representing, in their discursive-textual universe, both the values that went away, and those that emerged, and even the tension between before and after. The 21st Century marks a shining of possible worlds of the fictional unusual, especially with immersions in literature, cinema and streaming systems. The year 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, which started in early 2020, opened the third decade of this century, chronologically distanced from the turning point. This thematic dossier seeks to gather reflections that permeate this issue from theoretical, methodological, conceptual, critical and interpretive perspectives.

Submission until May 30, 2021.