Vol 14, No 29 (2018)


Table of Contents


childhood studies: contemporary dialogues PDF (Português (Brasil))
beatriz fabiana olarieta, conceição firmina Seixas silva, lisandra ogg gomes, rita marisa ribes pereira 5-10
childhood studies and research challenges: estrangement and interdependence, complexity and interdisciplinarity PDF (Português (Brasil))
maria leticia nascimento 11-25
childhood, experience and education: notes from reflections on childhood PDF (Português (Brasil))
eloisa acires candal rocha, márcia buss-simão 27-42
ethics in research with children: a review of the brazilian human and social sciences literature PDF (Português (Brasil))
renata lopes costa prado, maria cristina gonçalves vicentin, fulvia rosemberg 43-70
children inventing worlds and themselves: considering children’s authorship of narratives PDF (Português (Brasil))
gilka girardello 71-92
the shared writing: monteiro lobato, the little frog and the renovation of nature PDF (Português (Brasil))
patricia tavares raffaini 93-107
pedro bloch: a listener of the children's grace PDF (Português (Brasil))
camila rodrigues 109-128
“we need to talk about break-time!”: the construction of the common by children in school PDF (Português (Brasil))
lucia rabello de castro 129-148
childhoods: voices from diversity PDF (Español)
maria teresa suarez, josé alfredo malagón lópez 149 -162
listening to adults about childhood protection and children in homeless situation in urban brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
suzana Santos libardi, marit ursin 163-188
childhood in the countryside: toys, games and culture PDF (Português (Brasil))
levindo diniz carvalho, rogério correia da silva 189-212
what ribeirinho4 children of piriá village – curralinho/pa say about their cultural practices PDF (Português (Brasil))
simei santos andrade, magali dos reis, laura maria silva araújo alves 213-239
gender, sexuality and childhood: children scenes against innocence PDF (Português (Brasil))
raquel gonçalves salgado, leonardo lemos de souza 241-258


who are the authentic unquiet of contemporary times? PDF (Português (Brasil))
rosana aparecida fernandes, josé menna oliveira 259-278
pedagogical mediation and imagination in early childhood education PDF (Português (Brasil))
adriana regina isler pereira leite, maria silvia pinto de moura librandi da rocha 279-305
grounded theory. a research method for advancing the comprehension of p4c’s processes. PDF
marie-france daniel 307-328


compassion and education: a review PDF
tim sprod 329-333

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