Vol 13, No 27 (2017)


published in:01.05.2017

Table of Contents


the ignorant teacher: dissonance and emancipation PDF (Español)
alejandro del valle 393-399
doing reading of texts on philosophy for children and young people PDF (Português (Brasil))
maria teresa b. c. s. g. dos santos 401-405

researches / experiences

territory, childhood, words and to fabricate a problem: ways of inhabiting PDF (Português (Brasil))
alessandra de barros piedras lopes 353-368
you should not give your friends the word ... that's not fair! representations of children on the word manager in the philosophical research community PDF (Português (Brasil))
ana isabel santos, magda costa carvalho 369-391


the language of the school: alienating or emancipating? PDF (Português (Brasil))
jan masschelein, maarten simons 193-212
to find school: free time as creation of another way of inhabiting the institution PDF (Português (Brasil))
fabiana fernandes ribeiro martins 213-233
philosophy for children goes to college: transformative changes in philosophical thinking when college students practice philosophizing with young children. PDF
stephanie a burdick-shepherd, cristina cammarano 235-251
inculcating agency PDF
andrew divers 253-270
internal goods of teaching in philosophy for children: the role of the teacher and the nature of teaching in pfc PDF
riku välitalo 271-290
are children capable of collective intentionality? PDF
laura kane 291-302
images and childhood, indiscernible territorialities PDF (Português (Brasil))
antonio carlos rodrigues de amorim, marcus pereira novaes, fábio reynol de carvalho 303-333
anarchism and decolonization: possibilities for thinking about childhood PDF (Português (Brasil))
olivia pires coelho, maria carmen silveira barbosa 335-352

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