Vol 13, No 28 (2017)


Table of Contents


gert biesta and philosophical work with children PDF
walter omar kohan, david kennedy 409 - 414


touching the soul? exploring an alternative outlook for philosophical work with children and young people PDF
gert biesta 415 - 452
learning as ‘worlding’: de-centring gert biesta’s ‘non-egological’ education PDF
karin murris 453 -469
philosophy for children, learnification, intelligent adaptive systems and racism – a response to gert biesta PDF
darren chetty 471 - 480
grown-upness or living philosophically? PDF
claire cassidy 481 - 492
on the risks of approaching a philosophical movement outside philosophy PDF
walter omar kohan, david kennedy 493 - 503
an “analytic” commentary on gert biesta’s presentation: “touching the soul: education, philosophy and children in an age of instrumentalism” PDF
laurance joseph splitter 505 - 519
pragmatism and the unlearning of learnification PDF
maughn rollins gregory, megan jane laverty 521 - 536
the question of desirability: how is education a risk? PDF
magda costa carvalho 537 - 546
the third subject position PDF
marjan simenc 547 - 555
considering subject positions with biesta PDF
riku välitalo 557 - 566
existing in the world: but whose world—and why not change it? PDF
arie kizel 567 - 577
dialogue with gert biesta: philosophy and education PDF (Español)
félix garcía moriyón 579 - 587
parallel convergences: thinking with biesta about philosophy and education PDF
stefano oliverio 589 - 603
teachers as gardeners: thinking, attentiveness and the child in the community of philosophical inquiry. PDF
patricia mary hannam 605 - 614

gert biesta responds to the responses

p4c after auschwitz: on immanence and transcendence in education PDF
gert biesta 617 - 628

icpic keynote

jazzing philosophy with children. an improvising way for a new pedagogy. PDF
marina santi 631 - 647


experiências de escola: uma tentativa de encontrar uma voz pedagógica PDF (Português (Brasil))
maarten simons, jan masschelein 649 - 669


ad hoc reviewers for the year 2017 PDF (Português (Brasil)) PDF (Português (Brasil))
david kennedy, walter kohan 671-672

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